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7 of the Top Luxury Hotels in Kenya

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Kenya has some of the best resorts in the world built with exquisite architectural designs. Their strategic locations are on point to offer both comfort and breathtaking views of the landscape.


Swahili Beach


This is one of the luxurious hotels in Kenya situated in the coastal region. Built in 2012, Swahili Beach in Diani has continued to host clients from all over the world. The rooms are spacious and classy and will be awed by the hospitable staff. At night, the whole place lights up creating a spectacular ambience. For unforgettable holidays, this should be your go-to places since they have all the facilities: restaurants, pools, restrooms and many more to cater for your stay in the hotel.

Leopard Beach Resort and Spa


This is a great hotel in Kenya to spend your holidays in. It is situated in Diani Beach and comes at a reasonable price. It has all the amenities a traveler looks for in a hotel inclusive of quality and quick services. The environment best suits the place given its natural botanical garden to spice up the beauty of the Leopard Beach Resort and Spa.

Sarova Salt Lick Hotel

This is probably the best work of art that has been specially designed and built to provide luxury for its customers. It is in Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and many tourists flock the hotel just to experience its splendid services and facilities. This is absolutely the destination if you look forward to a high life experience while visiting the country. The elevated rooms of Sarova Salt Lick Hotel are neatly maintained and you will not be disappointed for stopping by to spend a night in this place.

Enashipai Resort and Spa


This is a well-endowed setting to set up such a magnificent hotel in Kenya. Located in Naivasha, Enashipai Resort and Spa is a high end holiday place where fun meets tranquility, relaxation and sightseeing. This hotel has spacious rooms with everything you need for your stay including the attendants who sees to it that their visitors are treated as is supposed to.

Majlis Hotel


Lamu is not left out either when it comes to harboring the best hotel in Kenya. Majlis hotel has 25 rooms and while there, you can't get bored since there is so much to do. Since the place is near the ocean, deep sea fishing is one activity you should not miss out on while boarding the hotel. The food and drinks offered have been prepared by the best chefs and you will surely find them tantalizing. Hemmingways


This amazing hotel is located in Nairobi, Kenya which is 30km from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Its scenery is over the top and the indoor outlook calls for a fantastic stay to mark a pleasant holiday. The guests have everything to facilitate a royal experience in Hemmingways. Infact, it is Kenya's bestselling hotel and you can tell from the number of visitors checking in on the empire each day.

The Boma


The Boma Hotels know what their clients need in terms of comfort. The 5 star Hotel has restaurants, rooftop pool, spa and many exciting amenities. Once you are here, let yourself be taken away by the luxury it offers. A worthy holiday ought to be spent here and is a good place to wind up and put your mind at peace. A lot of its customers have commended The Boma for the good job they are doing.

So, whether you are visiting or living in Kenya, these are the highly rated hotels that will definitely make your holidays better and exciting.

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