We as parents wish the best for our kids and we hope that our children grow up to be kind loving people with children of their own.  To do this we have to set them free and we have to expose them to as much as possible, this will open their minds to the world and what is happening out there.  Africa is the perfect place to take your kids, the peaceful surroundings of Mother Nature is an important experience for your children and to stimulate the appreciation of the natural world around us is as important as getting your head around math or science not to mention the exposure to different cultures which they will encounter.


There is no other safari destination where your day is as action packed as in Kenya; from the animal rich Masai Mara National Reserve where there is always something to show your kids to the interesting Masai tribe that will be in your kids minds forever.  You have beaches where the kids can just run and play where they can go sailing on tradition trading dhows and where you can give them an experience that is both important and enjoyable. 

Below are some of the most family friendly Tours we have on offer throughout Kenya:

All this in a destination that you as parent will also enjoy, imagine experiencing the big 5 and the annual Wildebeest Migration as part of a family safari.  Kenya is also one of the safest destinations to go to and there is very little that could harm you or your family. 

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