Go Kenya Holidays and Safaris specializes in creating Kenya Tours and Safaris for travelers to Kenya. Below we have outlined our most popular Kenya tours and safaris by category; All inclusive holiday, Budget holiday camping, Fly in safaris, Family holidays, exclusive holidays, Luxury safaris, Nairobi to Mombasa Safaris, Special holiday Safari Package. All of which we have the ability to tailor-make once you have enquired.

We are destination specialists to this intoxicating destination, our safari company experience is extensive and we offer accurate advice on what you should expect to pay on as Kenya safari as well as the best time to travel to Kenya.

Please note: Kenya is world leading safari destination. Clients planning to book in high season should plan as early as possible to secure the best availability in the best locations (especially for seasonal occurrences such as the birth of the Wildebeest or the crossing of the Mara River).


We as parents wish the best for our kids and we hope that our children grow up to be kind loving people with children of their own.  To do this we have to set them free and we have to expose them to as much as possible, this will open their minds to the world and what is happening out there.  Africa is the perfect place to take your kids, the peaceful surroundings of Mother Nature is an important experience for your children and to stimulate the appreciation of the natural world around us is as important as getting your head around math or science not to mention the exposure to different cultures which they will encounter.

Africa has for a long time been the place to go for romantic holidays, safaris to Kenya have been the romantic choice since the days of Karen Blixen and the big game hunters. This is where you fall in love all over again or where you go to get away from it all to celebrate your choice in life partner. The rustic surroundings, un-spoilt beaches and timeless pace of Kenya is perfect for honeymooners, not to mention the excitement of seeing the big 5, Mount Kilimanjaro the Great Wildebeest Migration and some of the world’s most secluded Private Wildlife Conservancies and beaches.

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